Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 001

Today is my first day of the new diet.  I am excited to be doing something good for my body, but I am concerned about my willpower and ability to resist foods I love to eat...

Yesterday I ate the way I typically would, and came out to about 2000 calories.  This is my baseline.  I want to cut my daily consumption by 500 calories, for sure.  So 1500 daily allotted calories it is!

I downloaded a free app onto my iPhone called "MyFitnessPal," and it is awesome.  I can add anything I eat, as I eat it, and it will keep track of my calories for me.  It can also search for keywords and such, with a nice full database, so I don't have to remember how many calories are in certain things.  I can also save meals that I eat often.  This is super handy =).

I started my morning with a long walk at a MUCH faster pace than usual.  Tyler and I got out and got some exercise. Granted, it wasn't MUCH, but the plan is for MWF to be power yoga days, and TThSS to be walking days.  I hope I can keep up with it!

I'll update tonight with my calories for today.  I plan to include my daily weigh in in EVERY post.  I can only pray that I will keep up!

Also, I took my first "before" pictures.  I will post them in their own page, for those of you who feel so inclined as to witness my fatness with your own eyes!  When I lose a few pounds, I'll update it again, and add more photos.

Signing off until tonight!


Daily Weigh In - 164.3 lbs

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