Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 001 (Continued)

  • 150 - 1.5 cups of Cheerios
  • 61 - 0.5 cup Milk (2% Reduced Fat)
  • 0 - Ozarka Water Bottle
Breakfast Total 211

  • 300 - Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich
  • 130 - Baked Lays Potato Chips
  • 0 - Dasani Water Bottle
Lunch Total 430

  • 460 - Tyson Chicken Sandwich
  • 140 - Quakes Cheddar Rice Snacks
  • 234 - Cookies (home-made, with butter)
Dinner Total 834

Daily Total: 1475  calories

Daily Weigh-In: 164.3 lbs 


  1. My doctor recommended eating less food more often.. so like splitting meals in half and eating them 3 hrs apart.

  2. My only comment on this I hope you take as mere constructive advice and NOT as preaching...since I feel like fitness and eating healthy are the only things I am somewhat knowledgeable about...

    I would be careful about the cookies/sweets...even staying under the calorie count it is still about the types of things you eat. And I can never avoid sweets for too long, but sometimes it helps to swap out something really unhealthy with an equally tasty dessert that is not so bad...such as frozen yogurt (can you say Swirl?) Lol.

  3. Oh, and way to go! Keep it up :-)

  4. @Christine - I totally see where you're going for. I DO want to cut out sweets as much as possible, but I wanted to reward myself for staying under calories on a day when I'm on campus for lunch. Also, I was baking homemade cookies to bring to Hayden's party....and it just didn't seem fair to bake the cookies and then not try them!!!

  5. Lol...I totally know what you mean by that! It is remarkably hard to spoil husband with homemade cookies and not taste test them first...

    I mean, they could be poisonous! It's better that I check them first :-)